Top 10 Ways to be An Exemplary Parent

Children are much confused these days. They show disrespect towards elders, but are advised to follow their ways. Who is responsible?  While many say it is the friends’ circle, the school, the locality…the impact the parents have on their children is quite noticeable. They have a major role to play. Children are eager to learn new things, and every little thing they hear and see at home gets registered in their minds. They do not have the ability to see what is right and wrong. They simply see, listen and behave.

Children spend a lot of time with their schoolteachers, but by the time they hit their teens, their parents would have influenced them a lot. Parents need to be a positive influence on their children. Eda LeShan, a family counselor and author about parenting, has often said: “The only way to raise a decent human being is by being one.”

Top 10 Ways to be an Exemplary Parent

Every action of the parents influences the child’s behaviour. Positive action means a well-behaved child; whereas socially unacceptable behaviour would mean a deviant child.  Obviously, leading by example is a full-time job for parents. It might be a difficult task, but it is worth the effort for parents to behave appropriately. The child then becomes a successful, responsible adult.

Here are some recommended ways to be an exemplary parent:

  • A sense of belonging and bonding should be present at home. A child reared in a home filled with love can more easily show love to others.
  • Speaking clean language is important. If children listen to foul language, they are eventually going to use it, which can be embarrassing.
  • Be careful about the kind of programs you watch on television. If it is not suitable for kids, or if it is teaching wrong behaviour, do not watch.
  • Do not raise voices in front of children, as they would think arguing is interesting.
  • Children learn social skills from their parents. A child will learn good manners more easily when “please” and “thank you” are a part of one’s daily life
  • Adults often indulge in back-biting and gossiping. Parents who regularly put down other people are teaching their child to do the same.
  • Be responsible and the child will be the same.
  • Eat healthy. Proper dietary habits in parents would encourage children to eat right.
  • Physically active parents normally have physically active children.
  • Good grooming among parents means better hygiene among children.

Parents should take a good look at some of the things they may need to change. Actions speak louder than words. In the case of children, the actions may speak even louder.

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