Top 10 Ways to Deal With Disappointed Children

Children expect a lot at times, from their parents or peer group or schoolteachers. They like their dreams to be fulfilled and desires met. Being innocent, they fail to realize that all their wishes are not fulfilled. Of course, when their needs are not met, they get disappointed.

Parents have to be very understanding and patient with a child’s dream. They have to explain to them in simple terms that dreams are not realities. Also, if their wishes are not fulfilled, the children have to made to accept it. Parents have to be careful in not hurting the feelings of the child, when he or she is disappointed.

Dealing with disappointment may not necessarily be all that easy. Afterall, to explain to 5 –year- old or a 6- year- old, why fairy godmother had not granted her or his wish is not easy. The child may refuse to accept it. With tears flowing in his or her eyes, he or she may feel his or her little world has been shattered. What does a parent do in such a situation?

How to Handle Disappointed Children?

  • It is good to discuss issues. If buying a gift for your child, you can make him aware of your budget constraints, how much your going to spend, what kind of gift he or she can go in for
  • Have a good chat. Sit down and spend some time with your child. Allow him or her to share his or her feelings
  • Develop a positive outlook. Let them appreciate what made them happy during the day, rather than just focusing on the disappointment. This way they learn to realize that nice thing also happen, and that they need not worry about the bad events
  • An action plan can be chalked out as to how to deal with the disappointment. Perhaps you can buy the child some ice-cream in case he or she was not able to find the favorite toy
  • Teach the child to be calm and learn to be happy despite not getting what one wants
  • Do not get angry with the child in case he or she is disappointed
  • Teach the child how to handle failure. He or she should be prepared for it
  • The child should be made to realize that disappointments and success are part of one’s life
  • One should not ensure that the child does not doubt his or her abilities after facing disappointment
  • Fostering the spirit of self-acceptance. The child should appreciate himself or herself and need not depend upon others yardstick for praise and approval

Children do get disappointed. It is part of life. They must learn to cope up with it. Parents can extend a helping hand. Accepting disappointment is the best way out. Every cloud has a silver lining!

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