Can Parents Bring Their Children to Horror Films?

Viewing a horror film can be very exciting and fun for adults. You may be wondering if you can watch those exciting movies with your children. However, many studies show that long-term effects of horror movies can linger even into adulthood. Even the movies rated PG, G may need to be monitored by the parents.

Why horror movies are not good for children?

Some reasons why horror movies aren’t good for kids:

  • Children cannot distinguish between fact and fiction
  • The images children see can be retained for a long time
  • Children while watching the movie may undergo emotions such as shivering, crying
  • They might avoid certain situations such as swimming, sleeping alone etc.

Contrary to popular belief, watching a horror movie with violence and bloodshed does not prepare the child to be brave. It might in fact do the opposite. Children may get scared and dread common things such as darkness, sleeping alone etc. The younger the children, the more they will be influenced by horror flicks. Children get desensitized to the violence and blood, and may imitate the violent characters of the film like stabbing, piercing etc.

Adults are selective about the programs they watch. They can avoid some of the parts of the movie by skipping, forwarding etc. However, in the case of children, they are defenseless and vulnerable. It is advisable to avoid watching horror movies with children until their teens. Another option is to watch the movie before deciding whether it is suitable for the children.

Parents are responsible for influencing their children positively, directly or indirectly. Horror movies are exciting, but there are more exciting things for children such as fairytales, cartoons, and outdoor games etc. Parents can show the children the brighter side of life, instead of the darker side, and fill their childhood with happy memories.

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