Do Parents Bribe Their Kids?

Most parents bribe their kids to prevent bad behavior and also to encourage good behavior. Most children listen when you bribe them. This may seem like a quick fix for the parents. However, parents need to make sure that this does not become a basis for good behavior.

Why Do Parents Bribe Their Kids?

Parents bribe their children when their respect is at stake or when they want a quick solution. They offer a small reward for good behavior or a bribe for stopping the child’s tantrums in day-to-day life.

Following are some instances where parents would bribe their kids:

  • Behaving well in a restaurant
  • For getting good grades
  • Respecting their elders
  • Being toilet trained
  • Sleeping in their own beds

Forms of Bribing:

Bribing can be done in many ways. Most parents bribe their children in the following ways:

  • Giving money
  • Buying a video game
  • Buying candy
  • Buying a toy

Alternatives to Bribing:

It is always better to avoid material rewards. Parents have many alternatives to bribing their kids. Parents can explain the child why the behavior is good in itself. For example, getting good grades will win the admiration of their school teacher and friends. Being clean will make them look smart. Here are some of the alternative ways to bribing.

  • Praising the child or words of appreciation
  • Modeling good behavior before your children
  • Spending quality time with your children in a park, restaurant etc.
  • Explaining the long term effects of good behavior

A small bribe once in a while is fine, if the child overcomes a challenge, or works hard at studies etc. However, bribing regularly makes the child expect a bribe for little things. Parents should avoid bribing by explaining their children the long-term benefits of good behavior. This would make the children more responsible and self-disciplined.

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