Top 10 Things To Say To Your Kids

Parents neglect saying loving words to their kids. They may stress more on discipline. However, positive words are important for kids to hear. Words of appreciation, encouragement help in the development of self-esteem in a child. Parents need to show their love not only through their actions, but also through words.

Top 10 things To Say to Your Kids:

Here are the top 10 things to say to your kids:

  • I love you:

    Kids may feel that they will be rejected if they make mistakes, but parents need to convey that they will be loved no matter what. Unconditional love makes the child feel more secure, confident

  • You are special to me:

    Parents make a mistake by comparing their child to their siblings or other kids. Parents need to convey that the child is special in his/her own way

  • I will be there for you:

    Kids may feel rejected in school, playground etc. Parents need to communicate that they will be there to help them out in their problems. This will make the children more secure and confident

  • Tell me what happened today:

    Kids have lot of things to share. Sitting down with your child and hearing their daily experiences is very fascinating. Listening builds a strong bond between parent and the child

  • Thank you:

    When kids help you in little things of your daily work, they need to hear that you are thankful. This would make them feel that they are contributing towards the family and would encourage them to help in the household activities

  • Its playtime:

    Playtime is the time where you can have quality time and fun with the kids. Setting aside time to play is important. Playing indoor or outdoor games will help you interact with your kids

  • It is okay:

    As kids are in their learning stages, they may commit mistakes unknowingly. They may get embarrassed or try to hide their mistakes. Parents should tell their kids it is okay to commit mistakes as long as they learn from them

  • I understand:

    Kids can get upset due to various reasons. Obtaining low marks or getting teased at school etc. can make the kids depressed. In such instances, parents need to listen to their problems. Parents should not give solutions right away, but understand what the child is going through

  • You did a good job:

    Kids need encouragement even in the small things they do. When kids get good marks in school or win prize in a competition, parents should appreciate their effort

  • Enough:

    When kids show inappropriate behavior such as fighting, misbehaving, parents need to set limits for their kids. When you feel your child is stepping over the line, you should convey that it would not be tolerated

Parents should say positive words of love, encouragement on a daily basis. Lots of love and a little correction can do wonders to your kids.

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