Importance of Bedtime Stories For Kids

Bedtime stories are narrated to children to help them sleep, but they also have a long-term effect on children. They provide a special bonding between the parent and child and also create happy childhood memories. Parents may neglect narrating bedtime stories as they are busy. However, research shows that bedtime stories can be beneficial to children in many ways.

Benefits of Bedtime Stories:

The following are the benefits of bedtime stories for kids:

  • Sleep:

    When a child is told a bedtime story, he can sleep easily. The soothing voice of the parent has a calming effect on the child

  • Emotional bonding:

    The time spent in narrating a bedtime story can be quite interactive where you get to talk to your child. The parent not only enjoys the child’s company but gets to teach moral values, good behavior etc.

  • Logic:

    Children try to predict events while following a story. This can improve their logical reasoning

  • Language mastery:

    Bedtime stories help your children become better students. Schooling involves a lot of reading, listening, and writing. Children who learn to recognize words can perform better at school

  • Lower stress:

    Parents can lower their children’s stress levels by storytelling. Children have increased stress when they are new to school. When children spend time with their parents listening to bedtime stories, their stress levels decrease

Bedtime stories should never be replaced by television or video games. Parents should set apart at least 10 minutes for narrating bedtime stories to children. Spending time with your children in narrating bedtime stories can also lower your stress after a busy day.

Many of us have fond memories of our parents telling bedtime stories. Children love stories and they usually look forward to bedtime stories every day. You can share quality time with your child if you make bedtime stories a part of your daily life.

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