What to Do If You Find a Missing Child?

Many people do not know what to do if they find a missing child. They either completely ignore or approach the child directly to rescue. If a missing child needs to be rescued, he/she will still need professional expertise. Therefore, it is better to inform the police as soon as possible.

Experiment Highlighting the Missing Child:

In an experiment conducted in Florida, a child was posed like a missing child at a mall. The child was made to sit near her own missing child poster at the entrance of the mall. Most people ignored the child even after they recognized her photograph in the poster. This shows the plight of missing children and that people are indifferent to a missing child.

Steps to take if you find a Missing Child:

When you find a missing child, following the child or investigating the situation is not the right step. This may be risky to yourself and the child. Here are the following steps to take if you find a missing child:

  • Never approach the child directly, but call the local police immediately and inform the details regarding the missing child
  • Remember the dress, hair color, hair cut of the child as it would be useful in tracking the child
  • Remember the location where you found the child
  • Remember the time as in when you saw the child
  • Remember the details of any suspicious persons lingering near the child

What can be done to find a Missing Child?

Government agencies, charities, and the police are looking out for missing children as many children go astray each year. It is not possible for them to locate and rescue all of the missing children. You can help them by becoming aware of the missing children in your area.

You can observe the missing child posters displayed in your area. Also, you can browse the websites which contain the photographs of missing children area-wise. In this way, you will be better able to spot the missing children and inform the police.

Most people do not involve themselves when they find a missing child for the fear of working with the authorities. When a missing child is found, necessary steps should be taken such as informing the police and remembering the details of the child. This would change the life of the child forever.

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