Is Your Kid Getting Enough Sleep?

Sleep is very important for kids. As kids are growing emotionally and physically, their bodies will be under stress and they need enough sleep daily. Having a good night sleep enables kids to be active and interactive in the school. They also become more attentive in the class and can perform better.

Kids become irritable, sustain injuries when they lack sleep. Lack of sleep also causes accidents in teenagers. Obesity and diabetes have also been linked to lack of sleep. Hence, parents have the responsibility to ensure their kids get enough sleep every day.

Reasons for lack of sleep:

Kids can be sleep deprived because of the following reasons:

  • Watching the television during bedtime
  • Drinking caffeinated drinks in the night
  • Doing the homework, projects in the night
  • Working on computer in tasks such as video games, chatting etc.

How to ensure your kid gets enough sleep:

Here are the ways to ensure your kid gets enough sleep:

  • Set a regular time to go to bed each day. In this way, the body gets used to the schedule and your kid can get sleep easily
  • Avoid caffeinated drinks in the night as they interfere with normal sleep
  • Keep the television and computer out of the bedroom
  • Keep the bedroom dark, quiet and cool so that it would be more suitable for sleeping

Benefits of adequate sleep in kids:

If kids get enough sleep daily, they can:

  • Concentrate better and be more attentive in the class
  • Be more active in school
  • Improve their memory power
  • Be more interactive with friends and family

Parents should balance the time of homework, play, and sleep of their children. Kids may try to sleep more in the weekends, but that does not compensate for a daily healthy sleep. Hence, make sure your kids get enough sleep daily.

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