Tips for Waking Up School-going Kids

Waking up your kids in the morning for school can be a huge challenge. Kids try to switch off their alarm clocks to get few more minutes of sleep. In trying to wake up their kids, parents get frustrated and stressed out.

To wake up their school-going kids, parents try everything from shouting to pouring water. Waking up your kids early is important as they have many tasks to do, such as getting dressed, having breakfast etc.

Tips for Waking Up School-going Kids:

Waking up your kids can be easy if you follow the following tips:

  • Make sure they get enough sleep:

    Kids need more sleep than adults do. Have a standard time for sleeping and make sure your kids get a good night sleep. Sleep deprivation may make the children unable to wake up

  • Breakfast ready:

    Have the breakfast ready so that they will be excited about getting up and eating

  • Plan:

    Make sure your kid’s clothes, school bag, shoes are all organized. This would reduce the last minute rush and make the kids more relaxed to wake up

  • Turn on the music:

    Kids get active when they listen to music in the morning. Motivate your kid to get out of bed by turning on your kid’s favorite music

  • Talk:

    Speak with your kids in the morning. When kids converse they tend to feel less sleepy and will be ready to get up

  • Be an example:

    Be an example by going to bed early and waking up early. Kids would learn to imitate and wake up early as well

If your kids have tough time waking up in the morning, try sending them to bed early. Setting up an annoying alarm clock far away from the bed would also work. Waking up early would avoid the morning rush.  This would give your kids a good start to their day.

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