Easing your Child's Back-To-School Fears

As you get ready to get your child back to school, there might be some fears your child may be going through. The thought of a new classroom or a new school may make your child fearful.

Whether it is going back to school or entering a new school, children are fearful of being separated from their parents. They may also fear that other kids will bully them. Parents play an important role in easing their child’s fears by interacting and taking proper steps.

Tips for Easing your Child’s Back-to-school fears:

Here are some tips for easing your child’s back-to-school fears:

  • Discuss:

    Discuss with your child the fears he/she might have of going back to school. You can even share your experiences at school and prepare your child for the school

  • Increase familiarity:

    Take your child to school before the school starts to increase familiarity. Walk with your child through the school to make him/her more comfortable. This will take away fear of unfamiliar buildings, play ground etc. of the school

  • Explain:

    Talk to your child about the fun activities in school. You can explain that he/she will be meeting a lot of new friends. Assure your kid that he/she will be having a nice time at school

  • Shop together:

    Shop with your child for school bags, shoes etc. to make the school-going more exciting for your child

  • Encourage interaction:

    Ask some of the children who belong to your child’s school, living near your neighborhood, to come over to your house. Let them interact with your child. This will help your kid to be less defensive and make new friends

  • Inform:

    Get familiar with the school teacher at the start of the school. Explain your child’s health problems if any. Also inform the teacher if your child is shy, mischievous etc. In this way, your teacher will be able to deal with your child effectively

  • Be confident:

    Being more confident would mean your child will have a positive mindset before going to school

  • Be on time:

    Be sure you bring your child on time when the school starts. Also make sure that you pick up your child at the right time

Kids of preschool and elementary school are generally fearful of getting back to school after the holidays. However, soon they will get used to the school atmosphere and outgrow their fears.

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