Ways to Deal with a Picky Eater

Kids, especially preschoolers can be very picky about the foods they eat. They may only eat the foods they like and refuse to eat the new foods introduced. Parents try warning their kids and sometimes even bribe their kids to finish their food.

Kids usually overcome this problem as they grow. However, parents can take certain steps to make sure the food served is eaten by their kids.

Tips for dealing with a Picky Eater:

Here are some tips to deal with a picky eater:

  • Keep small portions:

    Kids do not need the amount of food adults do. If you keep a plate full of food, your kid can get overwhelmed. Instead, introduce small portions of food and encourage them to have additional servings

  • Introduce new foods gradually:

    Introduce new foods in small quantities, gradually along with regular meals. After a number of meals, your kid will get used to the new foods

  • Avoid heavy snacking before meals:

    Make sure your kid does not have heavy snacks before meals. This will make your kid less hungry and he/she can miss out on nutritious foods during the meals

  • Be innovative:

    Make the food interesting for your kid by introducing a variety of healthy foods. There are a number of foods which have interesting colors, flavors etc. Make sure you mix variety and nutrition

  • Do not force:

    Do not force your kid to finish the food on the plate. This may encourage overeating. Ask your kid to eat enough food, but to stop when he/she is full

  • Eat together:

    Eat together so that your child can imitate healthy food habits. Your kid will be less picky when he/she sees you enjoying a variety of foods

  • Have a fixed routine:

    Have a fixed routine for eating food. Your kid will be hungry at the same time every day if you follow a fixed eating schedule

  • Educate:

    Educate your kid regarding how the body works. You can explain that the body needs food to function well. Also teach them healthy eating habits such as avoiding oily foods, lots of sweets etc. This will create a positive attitude towards eating

Parents should take proper steps to make sure their kids get enough calories as well as nutrition. Parents should set a positive example by following healthy eating habits. In this way, kids learn to be less picky and more choosy in eating healthy foods.

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