Is your Kid being Bullied?

We often hear of kids being bullied at school. This may be happening to your own child. When a child is bullied, it can leave behind emotional scars, unnecessary fears and lack of self-esteem. Parents can look out if their children are bullied and take proper steps to tackle this problem.

Signs of being bullied:

Parents can look out for signs of being bullied in their children. Here are some of the hints to know if your child is being bullied:

  • Loss of personal belongings
  • Anxiety and fear of going to school
  • Being withdrawn and refusal to interact with other kids
  • Refusal to talk about school

Forms of Bullying:

Bullying can take many forms, and it always instills a fear in the weaker person. Here are some forms of bullying:

  • Physical: Pushing, hitting
  • Verbal: Insulting, cursing, and calling names
  • Psychological: Threatening, black-mailing

How to deal with bullying?

Parents should teach their children how to face a bully. When children overcome a bully by themselves, they gain confidence. Parents can take the following steps to help their kid deal with a bully:

  • Talk:

    When you see signs of bullying, encourage your child to share the fears, worries regarding being bullied. When kids speak out they feel better and can handle the situation well

  • Explain:

    Explain your child not to fear and that you are there to help. You can also explain that bullies mostly come from homes where they face abuse themselves

  • Involve:

    Involve your kid with other children in sports, clubs etc. In this way he/she will feel less lonely and have many friends to interact with

How kids can face a bully:

Here are the ways in which kids can face a bully:

  • Avoid:

    Ask your kid to avoid the bully and team up with other friends in the class. In this way, the kid will not be alone and has less chances of being bullied

  • Do not react:

    Kids get emotional when they are bullied. By being indifferent and controlling their anger, they can learn to overcome the fear of the bully

  • Be brave and walk away:

    Kids learn to encounter the bully when they know their parents are out to help them. By being brave and walking away from the situation the bully would be less bothersome

When the situation gets out of hand:

When bullying gets out of hand, parents should consult the class teacher or counselor and discuss the situation. Make a record how your kid was bullied, the name of the bully. By teaming up with the school, you can make sure that such acts will be prevented.

Bullying can happen anytime and anywhere. Parents can become aware of such incidents by interacting with their children. When kids know their parents are supporting them, they can handle bullying easily. This will also enable them to be more confident and brave.

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