How to Choose a Pediatrician for your Child?

Choosing a reliable pediatrician is very important for parents. Parents would be spending a significant amount of time at the doctor’s office for the child’s vaccinations, regular checkups etc. Pediatricians vary based on their approach to children, their way of recommending healthcare. By proper inquiry and thought, you can choose a right healthcare provider for your child.

Tips to choose a pediatrician for your child:

Here are some tips to choose a pediatrician for your child:

  • Inquire:

    Friends, colleagues, relatives can recommend you the pediatricians they know. Your doctor can also recommend a good pediatrician. After inquiring, you can shortlist the probable names of pediatricians

  • Hospital:

    The hospital of the pediatrician you choose should be near your house as this would make your visit comfortable and convenient. Also make sure the hospital timings are comfortable for you to visit with the child

  • Referral services:

    Most local hospitals have physician referral services where you can select a physician based on your requirements. You can also ask for a list of board-certified pediatricians from American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)

  • Visit:

    After selecting a pediatrician, make a visit to the pediatrician’s office. Hospitals allow a complementary visit for potential patients. When you visit the hospital, ask yourself if you are comfortable in the office, if the hospital staff is responsive etc. Also observe if the pediatrician is warm, friendly and knowledgeable

  • Qualification:

    Find out if the pediatrician is board certified. A pediatrician has to complete four years of medical school, and three years specialty training. To become a board certified pediatrician, he/she must pass the exam conducted by American Board of Pediatrics

Choosing a good pediatrician is the first step parents can take to ensure a healthy child. Instead of just relying on word of the mouth, by inquiring the details, parents would be able to select a reliable pediatrician for their child.

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