Do Dads feel Parenting Pressure?

Parenting is a tough job for moms, who might be under pressure to balance work and childcare. However, a new Survey by Parenting Research Center suggests that even dads are going through the same pressure.

The parenting expectations placed on fathers are high. After a tough day at work, most fathers may find that fatigue is hindering them from being a good parent. Fathers of a newborn baby bear even more responsibilities, as they may be involved in bathing, feeding and diapering the baby.

Survey by Parenting Research Center:

The Parenting Research Center surveyed over 140 fathers regarding their parenting experience. The following are the results:

  • 51% fathers report that


    gets in the way of being a better father

  • 85% report that parenting is

    extremely demanding

  • 33% find parenting very


However, the good news is that 90% of the fathers find parenting fulfilling and rewarding.
The full results of the Parenting Research center would be used to develop resources to support fathers of kids up to 1 year old.

The Work pressure:

High expectations are placed on men to be successful at the workplace. The work hours at job have increased and so are the parenting responsibilities. The work pressure builds up stress and fatigue, which makes parenting for fathers a demanding job. Keeping the priorities right, balancing work and family life would help fathers in parenting effectively.

PANDA – Post and Antenatal Depression Association reports that 1 in 10 callers to their helpline is a male. This shows that fathers are having a challenging time bringing up their kids. Good intentions should not be hindered by stress and work pressure. Fathers should find ways to minimize the work stress and spend more time with children.

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