Are your Kids too Busy?

Do your children have enough time to relax and spend time with you? Do they have sufficient sleep and leisure time just to be kids? Due to peer pressure and high expectations from parents to perform well, kids are filling in more activities into their schedule.

Kids, nowadays, are presented with exciting activities such as soccer, dance, gymnastics, art, cooking etc. However, when these are not well balanced, it can lead to stress, lack of sleep, and burnout. If you suspect your kids are too busy, then its time for you to cut down on some activities which may be stressing them up.

How to Know if your Kids are too Busy?

When kids are too busy, they show signs of burnout and being pressurized. Here are some of the signs:

  • Your kids may look tired, anxious and depressed
  • They may show lack of concentration
  • They may prefer sleeping than spending time with the family
  • They may be easily annoyed
  • They may experience head ache, stomach ache due to stress, missed meals etc.
  • Your kids’ school work, grades may suffer

Tips for Parents with Busy Kids

If you suspect your kids are busy, here are some tips to free up their time:

  • Set priorities:

    You can work with your kids to list most important things in their life. For example, school work can be on top of the list. The other priorities can be listed. Based on this, your kids can include or exclude activities

  • Plan ahead:

    Plan ahead what activities your kids would be involved in. Plan in such a way that your kids will have enough time to do their homework, and spend time with the family

  • Know the amount of time each activity requires:

    Before involving your kids any sport or activity, know the amount of time your kids may need to dedicate to it. By realistically assessing the time, you would be able to choose the best activities for your kids

  • Keep a calendar:

    After scheduling your kids’ activities, mark them on a calendar for them to see. In this way, they would be more organized and find time for study and leisure

Freeing up time for your kids gives them opportunities to have fun in little things such as going for a walk, riding a bike, listening to music etc. This will also help you to spend more time with them. When your kids feel like doing a lot of things in a short period of time, ask them to slow down and have fun.

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