Tips to Encourage Outdoor Play for Kids

With the video games, cartoons in television, and computers becoming popular, kids prefer to stay only indoors. According to National Sporting Goods Association, there was a 33.2% decrease in bicycling from 1996 to 2006. Lack of outdoor play may lead to obesity, laziness, and social aloofness.

Many studies have proved that regular playtime makes kids happier, cooperative, intelligent and self-disciplined. Outdoor play makes your kids healthy and strong as they grow. Kids also love the excitement and adventure which is involved during playtime.

Tips to Encourage Outdoor Play for Kids:

Here are some tips to encourage outdoor play for kids:

  • Safe outdoor environment:

    Ensure the place where your kids play is safe. In a safe environment, kids can enjoy the sense of freedom and be secure. To ensure safety, you can encourage kids to play in the backyard, or a ground where they can be easily supervised

  • Involve other children:

    Involve children from your neighborhood or from your kids’ school to play together. When kids play together, they develop social skills and good friendships. Kids will also feel less lonely and isolated if they have friends to play along with them

  • Buy outdoor play equipment:

    When you buy your children outdoor play equipment, they would be excited to play. Equipments such as bicycles, sports gear, football etc. can encourage your kids to play

  • Schedule:

    Schedule a playtime, where video games, television, computer would be avoided. When parents prioritize playtime, kids will learn new ways to have fun outdoors. Scheduling playtime also helps you to manage the kids’ homework, play, television time etc

  • Play with your kids:

    Find opportunities to play with your kids every day. Taking a walk outside, hiking, fishing or playing games such as badminton can build relationship with your kids

You can establish rules for outdoor play to ensure your kids’ safety. For example, you can discuss with your kids the places where they can play outdoors. You can also ask them to inform you before going out to play etc.

You can also join with other parents in your neighborhood to ensure the kids in your community can play safely. Hence, encourage outdoor play for your kids and ensure they grow up being healthy and strong.

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