How To Help Your Child Overcome Bedwetting

Many children tend to suffer from the problem of bedwetting, even though they have achieved toilet training by the age of 3-5. 

This is a common problem and can be dealt with effectively if this is caused due to psychological issues. In case of physiological problems, these children have to be submitted to medical care.

Here are some tips that will help you deal effectively with your child’s problem

1) Train your child to wake up and urinate in the night. Keep an alarm to wake up in the night, wake your child up and accompany them to the toilet, this way they get trained to go to the toilet when they have to, rather than soiling the bed.

2) Do not let the child drink any kind of fluid before going to bed, and take them to the toilet before they go to bed.

3) Mostly children resort to bedwetting when they have frightful dreams, in such cases the parents should not allow the child to watch any kind of horror or violent movies.

4) Children also avoid going to the toilet out of fear of darkness in the night, the parents can then reassure the child that there is nothing scary about darkness and initially accompany them to the toilet till they learn to overcome their fear.

5) Every time the child does not bed wet, reward him or her with something they like the most.

Assurance and positive reinforcement will definitely help the child overcome their problem.

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