Medical Treatment For Bedwetting

Bedwetting in children sometimes happens due to lot of physiological problems, these are extreme cases when medical intervention is necessary to help the child control his /her bladder. The medical terminology used to describe wetting is nocturnal enuresis

Parents should realize that the bedwetting behavior in their child is not because of their laziness, but is because the child has a medical problem and has no control over his/her bladder. And in such a case it’s not the child’s fault at all.

Detailed testing like renal ultrasound, voiding cystourethrogram, and/or uroflowmetry etc is done to determine the source of the problem.

Based on the reports the doctor will prescribe the right diagnosis for the child.

There are also certain temporary treatments available in the market, which would help the child deal with their bedwetting problem.

These treatments are also useful for those children who are not able to overcome their problem through behavioral techniques.

Some such treatments are

DDAP also known as Desmopressin:

This medication helps decrease urine production in the kidneys. It is available in the form of both a nose spray and a tablet. The Child should take it one hour before he/she goes to bed. However, before taking this medicine make sure that the child doesn’t taken any fluid, as this medicine works towards fluid retention.

This medicine can also be taken specifically on nights when the child does not want to bed wet for e.g. when he/she is out on a camp or is on a night stay. It is a choice the parents can make they could either let the child take this medicine every night or on specific nights only.


:is an anti-depressant that is also used to treat bedwetting.


Is another medication that is either taken separately or is taken with Imipramine to deal with bedwetting.

However, one thing that should be kept in mind is that these medications are only a temporary relief. Relapse may occur if medication is stopped. And one should take the doctor’s advice before giving this medicine to their children.

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