How To Potty-Train Your Child

It is very important that a child learn potty training by the age of 3-4. According to Freud-a very prominent name in the field of psychology, toilet training occurs in the anal stage  (3-4 yrs). He says that the way you train the child has a major impact on his personality type. Very strict training causes the child to be very stingy and reserved whereas too much of liberty would cause to child to become a spendthrift.

It is important that parents are neither very strict nor too lenient. They should be moderate and should persistently and gently teach the child to get toilet trained.

Some tips that will help you train the child are

1) Praise the child every time they ask you to change their soiled diaper, this shows that they know that it’s dirty to stay in a soiled diaper and are making efforts to change into a clean one.
2) As a parent you are likely to know the part of the day when your child defecates, It would be best if you would take the child and place them on the potty and tell them to defecate there.
3) Tell them that they need to defecate in the potty rather than in their diaper.
4) Make them sit on the potty at least for a few minutes no matter how much resistance they show.

Try out these techniques and you will see that your child has learned to use the toilet. Be patient and persistent with them, don’t shout at them or lose your anger with them.

Keep these points in mind and train your child to be a independent person.

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