Should You Let Your Teen Drive

Once children reach adolescence they have this urge to do things independently. Driving becomes one of the utmost important tasks to them and as a parent you will be scared to hand them the keys of the car. But if you really feel that they are capable of driving hand them the keys.

Before handing over the keys it is important that you discuss these following points with them and only when they agree to your conditions hand them the keys.

1) Make sure you talk to them at a convenient time, when both of you are relaxed.
2) Be clear about the rules, and tell them the timing within which the vehicle should be brought back and parked in the house.
3) Discuss with your teen if he/she wants an insurance policy.
4) Discuss how much your teen would like to contribute towards the maintenance of the car.
5) Discuss about driving with friends.
6) Most importantly be clear about the consequences of misbehavior.
7) Go over the driving laws in the state and state it’s importance to your teen.

Once all these points are cleared, only then handle them the vehicle keys.

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