Teaching Your Child To Share

Getting kids to listen to you is a big task. Moreover, it is important that parents instill the right values in the child when he/she is in a very young age itself.

One important value that a child should learn is Sharing .

The child will learn to share only if they observe the parents sharing. If you as parents are selfish and refuse to share things with friends or relatives your child also is likely to become selfish.

Parents can also teach a child to share by showing the child instances of sharing for e.g. the parents can buy an ice cream pack and equally divide it amongst the other members in the family. The parent may withhold the child’s share and can ask him/her how they feel when they alone are not given ice cream to eat. When the child shares his/her feelings the parents can then explain how others feel when things are not shared with them.

Also, parents can reinforce sharing in the child by rewarding the child with praise and positive encouragement.

It is important for the child to know about why it is so important to share what he/she owns. Then only will they be more tuned to share.

With patience and persistence the child will learn to share and care for others.

1 response to Teaching Your Child To Share

  1. It’s important to note that there are some periods in a child’s life when s/he may seem selfish–around age 3 and again during the teen years. At these points children’s energy is on focused on growing and developing and what appears as unwillingness to share has more to do with these “developmental spurts.” Often only children are labeled “selfish” and “spoiled” during these typical periods of growth. Parents should remain consistent throughout them to encourage sharing and caring.