How To Instruct Your Child

Children and instructions never go hand in hand. When you instruct a child to not do something, the child for sure will end up doing that very thing only. How we instruct the child, the words we use and the tone of voice etc matter a lot when instructing a child.

Instructing a child is not as simple as instructing your team or colleague. If you want your child to follow your instructions keep the following points in mind.

1)    Simple Language:

When instructing your child use simple language and use minimum no of words. Using unpronounceable words and highly grammar filled language with a child will get you know where.

2)    Point Out To The Object:

If you want your child to do something, point out to the object in front of you. For e.g. if you want your child to put on his shoes, point out the shoes to him, and give him the instructions.

3)    Instruct One At A Time:

Don’t give too many instructions at a time, as a child may not be able to remember. Remember to instruct one at a time. For e.g. Get up and wash your hands and face and keep your books in your bag and then only come and eat is too long an instruction given to a child.

4)    Be Clear:

Do not include too many Don’ts in your instructions, instead state the expected behavior. If you say don’t run, the child will try jumping or hopping or running, avoid all this and just say Please Walk .

5)    Tell the Child What To Do:

Most often parents leave the choice to the child for e.g. they ask the child Would you like to eat now . The child when given a choice will definitely say No . In such cases it is best that you directly tell the child to do what is intended.

6)    Reward Your Child:

If your child obeys what you say, reward your child and let him/her know that you are pleased with their behavior.

Keep these points in mind and have a great time with your children.

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