Why Your Kid Is Always On The Cell Phone

Have you always noticed your teen with the cell phone in the hand, yapping away or busy messaging and sms’ng some one.

If not on the phone, the television, your teen is busy caught up with some form of entertainment or the other.
No matter how much you punish or taunt the teen, the kid always has /her way in matters.

If not with the phone or television the child is lost in his/her world of dreams and on asking to do a task the child looks blanks as if the concept hasn’t entered their minds or as if they don’t seem to care.

Some parents also complain of their teen not being able to focus and comprehend things. Parents seem so concerned that they are ready to do anything to get their teen out of this state.

Well, before looking at the teen’s life, parents need to refocus on their parenting style and try and understand why their children are on the phone always.

Most often parents find themselves so caught up with work from office and are so stressed and tired that they hardly have any time to spend with their child.

Adolescence is a phase of life when the child goes through a stage of ego centrism (a belief that the world revolves around them) they feel they are capable of doing anything and everything and want to have all the attention to them. There is a strong urge to look good and be appreciated.

When the kids notice the parents being too busy and caught up with their life they try to make up for this attention by being with their friends always, as they feel that their friends love and care for them more than their parents.

They try to please their friends as they have this desire to be accepted. Parents on the other hand are viewed as taskmasters and they are associated with instructions and punishments. This is the reason they teens avoid being with their parents.

Parents believe that by providing their children with a good home and good education, they have fulfilled their duties. Unfortunately, it takes more than that, teens require more than your presence. They need love, acceptance and understanding.

Parents can help their child during this phase by being more tolerant and patient. It is important that parents focus on their child’s day-to-day life without being too interfering. Let them know that you are there for them and understand what they are going through in college or high school. Let them know you love and accept them as you are and that they are the center of your world.

Once your child understands that his/her parents love and understand him/her as they are, they will stop leaning on external things for love and acceptance.

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