Is Your Child Suffering From “Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder”

Do you find your child to be very stubborn, not listening to your instructions? Have the teachers in school complained that your child does not focus in class, and is always busy doing something, not participating in-group activities and lost in their world? Have you been frequently called for a parents-teachers meet where there are frequent complaints about your child’s poor performance, distractive behavior and behavior that bothers other children?

If the answer is a YES to most of the questions then there is a chance of suffering from Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder ( A.D.H.D. )

A.D.H.D. is a childhood disorder that causes lot of stress in the family. It greatly affects a child’s self esteem and greatly interferes with his/her academic performance.

A.D.H.D is categorized into three subtypes and they are as follows

1) Problems Of Attention: The symptoms of this type is

·    Inability to focus on tasks
·    Socially withdrawn behavior
·    Depression
·    Anxiety
·    Does not listen to what is spoken
·    Careless mistakes in any kind of assignments
·    Easily distracted
·    Very forgetful
·    Does not follow instructions
·    Refuses to participate in tasks that require mental effort.
·    Loses Things easily.
·    Fail to complete any assigned tasks.

2)  Hyperactivity: Symptoms of this type include

·    Cannot sit still, is very fidgety all the time, squirming or moving about when placed in one place.
·    Is always On The Move , cannot stay still for a moment.
·    Cannot do anything leisurely, is always in a hurry to finish things.
·    Finds it difficult to stay still for e.g. when other children are sitting still in class, this child is moving outside the class.
·    Talks excessively, even on being punished this child feels no regret and continues to talk.

3) Impulsivity Symptoms

·    Cannot stay quiet.
·    Always blurts out, even when not asked to speak.
·    Intrudes when others are talking.
·    Does not wait for his/her turn and screams out answers in the class.

If your child happens to face any of these symptoms please consult a child counselor as soon as possible.

Most often children suffering from A.D.H.D. are misunderstood and are punished miserably. These children have no control over what they are doing and are punished for no fault of theirs. This leaves scars on their tender mind and affects their self-esteem greatly.

Seeking treatment will help both the family and child to deal with this problem in an effective manner.

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