Dealing With Defiant Behavior Of Children

Is your child very defiant, very stubborn, aggressive, irrational and irritates others around him?

Is his/her behavior very troubling? And do you really want to do something about it.

There are chances that your child is suffering from Oppositional Defiant disorder. This is a childhood disorder that is very often developed during mid-teens. As these symptoms are seen in many normal children, it is difficult to categorize children suffering from O.D.D.

The symptoms of this disorder are

1. Child refusing to comply with requests/ demands.
2. Loses one’s temper frequently.
3. Deliberately annoys others around.
4. Throws Frequent temper tantrums.
5. Is very vengeful.
6. Refuses to share with other children and blames others for their fault.
7. When upset speaks very harshly.
8. Is well known by teachers, neighbors and friends for being a source of trouble.
9. O.D.D. is not developed alone; it is often accompanied with symptoms of A.D.H.D.


1) According to researchers, this disorder is caused when children are repeatedly exposed to negative behavioral patterns from both parents and the significant people around them. If the child is treated with hate and contempt the child is most likely to develop this disorder. They resort to deviant behavior in order to gain attention.

2) Another reason quoted by the researchers is that children when fixated at earlier stages,( i.e. getting stuck at the 2-3 year old stage where defiance was a pattern of behavior )and not being able to come out of it.


This disorder has to be kept in check and when left unchecked they create a lot of personality problems. If these symptoms are very visibly seen in the child, the child has to be taken to a psychologist.

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