How To Deal With Children Who Are Very Anxious

Children sometimes tend to be very scared and very anxious. According to researches, girls are found to be more anxious than boys.

Children who suffer from lot of anxiety find it very difficult to be alone. They believe that leaving the parents at home will bring about some devastating danger to them. And that it is important that the child be with the parent and prevent the parent from falling into any trouble.

Also some other characteristics of such children are

1)    Chronic anxiety
2)    Unexplainable Fear
3)    Low Self Confidence
4)    Very Anxious
5)    Have Lot Of Nightmares
6)    Avoid being in new Situations
7)    Overly sensitive
8)    Immature For Their age.

Causes: This chronic anxiety is developed in a child when

1)    Over parenting Parents:

Child is surrounded by over parenting parents who do not allow the child to do anything by themselves. This causes a child to be a nervous wreck with low self-esteem.

2)    Faulty Learning:

When the child observes the mother or father being very conscious and scared of doing things. The child also learns to behave in the particular manner.

3)    Low Self Esteem:

If the child is constantly being put down by friends and parents. The child tends to lack self-esteem and becomes very conscious of his/her efforts.


The child should be taken to a psychologist who through methods like

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Play Therapy, Desensitization, and Self-confidence boosting exercises will help the child cope with anxiety.

Not only the child, the parents also need to undergo counseling and training as to how to deal with the child.

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