Why Breast Feed Is Better Than Bottle Feed

There is a continuous debate if whether or not breast-feeding is better than bottle feed amongst the developmental experts. After much debate and research, the experts have come to a conclusion that Breast Feed is far more superior to Bottle-feed.

Here are some reasons quoted in favor of Breast Feed

Right Balance of Fat and Protein:

Human milk, compared to the milk of other mammals is higher in fat and lower in protein. This balance is very good for the baby, as it is ideal for myelinating the nervous system.  Enabling a better development of the nervous system.

Nutritional Completeness:

Human milk is rich in iron and is easily absorbed by the baby’s system. Whereas, bottle-fed infants require an addition of iron-fortified formula.

Protection Against Disease:

Breast Feed Milk, enables the transmission of anti-bodies and other infection fighting enzymes from the mother’s body to the child’s body. Though immune strengthening compounds can be added to bottle feed, human milk is far more superior.

Faulty Jaw Development and Tooth Decay:

A condition called malocclusion wherein both the upper and lower jaw are not able to meet properly is prevented with intake of breast feed milk. Not only this tooth decay is also prevented, with intake of breast milk.


Breast-fed babies, have healthy bacteria growing in their intestines, compared to bottle fed babies. This is the reason why they are less prone to suffer from constipation or diarrhea.

Transition To Solid Food:

Breast Fed babies are more likely to transit smoothly from liquid to solid foods, as they have a greater experience of different flavors that pass from mother’s diet to the maternal milk.

It is therefore advisable that no matter how busy a Mother is house or office work, she makes some time to breast-feed her baby.’>

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