Why Children Steal ?

Children sometimes develop this habit of stealing things that do not belong to them Even when showered with the best of things they have this irresistible urge to take away toys, pencils, pens or boxes of other children.

In Spite of being told and corrected many times, children tend to repeat this behavior due to the following reasons

1)    Faulty Parenting Models:

When children see their parents or people close to them stealing, they tend to believe that it is a normal behavior and carry on this behavior in school and college. Also, sometimes parents who themselves are into stealing encourage children to steal, this false recognition and praise about stealing things from parents encourages them to further steal.

2)    Seeking Attention:

Children also steal in order to gain attention of parents. They crave for attention be it positive or negative and when they are not getting it, either because of parents being busy, or birth of another child or hectic office work etc.

3)    Angry With Someone:

They may also steal because they feel that this is the best way to punish someone.

4)    Impulsive Nature:

Children are sometimes very impulsive and do things out of an impulse and therefore they do things, which they should not be doing.

5)    Lack Of Money:

Because they don’t get sufficient money, they feel that stealing will help them get what they want.

6)    Peer Pressure:

Sometimes they steal because they are forced to do it when other children force them to do things.

So keeping all these things in mind, parents should identify why their child is stealing and then takes the required action. Punishing them without knowing the actual cause will cause them more damage.

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