Why Do Teenagers Resort To Aneroxia ?

Anorexia is an eating disorder, common amongst the adolescents, who strive to loose weight through extreme exercising and avoidance of food.

Teenagers especially have this immense pressure to look good and be accepted in the society.

This pressure drives them to do lot of things that they shouldn’t be doing. There are lot of reasons and factors as to why teenagers push themselves to do things they don’t like. Some of the several reasons are

1)    Media:

Most of the girls force themselves to starve because they are enamored by the media’s chant of Thin is In . With the hype given to slim models and actresses and thinness being glorified and termed as beautiful, young teens are greatly misled. Young girls on the other hand have this great need to be accepted and they take this concept of thinness so seriously that they end up doing more harm than good to themselves.

2)    Parents:

Children with over protecting mothers, who give a lot of preference to looks, weight, appearance and clothes, and ones who constantly put their children down for not looking good also have a greater risk of having children who are anorexics.

3)    Frustration:

Children, who have been rejected by the society for their looks, tend to remove their frustration inwards. They try to punish themselves for not being perfect and unconsciously strive to achieve that perfect look.

4)    Low Self Esteem:

Children, who believe that they have nothing to be liked for, avoid social relations thinking that people will not like them or not accept them. If they have to be accepted they believe that they have to be thin and attractive.

These are the several pressures why children resort to anorexia and suffer from terrible consequences. It is very important that we identify the cause and rectify our attitude towards teenagers. Accepting them the way they are will help save many a young lives from resorting to a starving death.

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