Parenting Tips On Teaching Social Skills To Young Children

Teaching the child to live a social life is a very important responsibility that parents need to fulfill.  Teaching them the appropriate social skills will enable them to have a normal personality development and cope with their surroundings.

Here are some tips that can prove to be very useful

1)    Parent’s Behavior:

Children learn a lot through imitation. They observe their parents and tend to repeat the same kind of behavior that parents exhibit. So parents need to be an example and depict the right kind of behavior to their children. If parents themselves are not social they cannot expect their children to be social. Parents need to be sharing, caring and loving. Observing how loving their parents are children also turn out to be in the similar manner.

2)    Praise:

When your child portrays a behavior that is socially correct, praise and reward the child.

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Appreciate the child’s effort, this way the child will learn in a faster way.

3)    Point Out:

If the child has not acted in a right way, point out to the child where he/she went wrong and help them know what’s the right reaction to a situation. For e.g. if the child is asked to share something with another child and your child refuses, explain to your child about the importance of sharing, and that the object they are asked to share will come back to them after some time.

4)    Explain Things:

Parents sometimes ask children to do things without explaining to them the motive and because of this in most of the cases children avoid doing the particular behavior.   Therefore, its very important that parents explain to their children as to why they are asked to do or avoid doing certain things.

Children are very innocent and they learn what is presented to them, so make sure you present the right things to them.

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