Parenting A Teenager

Parenting undergoes different stages of change as the child grows to various stages of life. The most toughest, important and challenging role that parents play is, the role of Parenting a teenager .

Teenage is the most challenging phase of a child’s life. It is the onset of puberty wherein the child experiences great physical changes. The development of the reproductive organs comes as a major shock to many teens. With hormones raging, peer pressure, and identity conflicts happening a teen undergoes a lot of emotional conflict.

It is therefore very important that parents be very careful in dealing with them, because the way they deal with them can make or break them.

Here are some tips on how parents can deal with teenagers.

1)    Educate Them:

As your child is growing to be a teen, educate them about the various changes that will take place in their body. Concepts of menstruation, and change in physical features, sexual attraction should be clearly explained to the child.

2)    Peer Pressure:

The child should be also told about what peer pressure is and how they can deal with it. There will be a lot of pressure on the teen about how to dress up, behave or act in a particular way amongst his/her friend’s circle. Also, there will be immense pressure to have a boy/girl friend.  The teen should be told that it is absolutely normal to be attracted to somebody but this physical attraction shouldn’t be carried out in the form of physical action, as it has a no of serious consequences. All these consequences have to be clearly explained to the teen.

3)    Identity Formation:

A teen may face a lot of identity confusion about who he/she is? What is their purpose in their life? And what career they have to choose? Parents should let the child know that they have their full support but the ultimate choice has to be made by them only. The best thing a parent can do is to guide the child in becoming what he/she wants to be. Charting out an identity for them is not a solution.

4)    Explain Out Things:

Teens sometimes want to do daring things. They have all the energy and optimism in the world to do the unachievable and as parents many are worried about this attitude of their child. Rather than stopping them for doing things explain them the reason as to why you are asking them not to do a particular thing. This way they will understand and will be more willing to obey.

Keep these points in mind and have a great time parenting your teens.

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