Encouraging Your Child To Study

  Study time is the most difficult time for many parents and children. Children hate to study and getting them to study is a very trying task. Often parents end up shouting and screaming at the child.

Study time cannot be all that painful if the following points are kept in mind.

Regular Time Everyday:

Maintain a regular study time for the child. Once the child comes back from school, allow them to relax for a while. After that, ensure that they study at least for one and a half hour without any disturbance. After this give them time to do homework. Once they have finished their homework, do not force them any more instead let them do what they want to do, i.e. watch TV or play games or listen to music etc. Maintaining this routine will help your child to get in to that study mood easily.

Praise Them:

If your child has done well at a particular subject praise them in front of everybody. Let the child know that his/her efforts have been appreciated.

Reward Your Child:

If your child has obeyed you, reward them to a fun outing it could either be a trip to the zoo or a park that they wanted to visit for long. Gift them something that they like a lot. This way they will be highly motivated to study hard.

Be An Example:

You yourself be an example to your child, when your child sees you fulfilling your responsibilities in a committed way. He/she will be more eager and motivated to fulfill their responsibility of studying well.

Keep these points in mind and make study time a pleasure for you and your child.

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