Why Do Babies Cry

Babies are not happy and smiling as often portrayed in the television and advertisements. There are times when one doesn’t know how to handle them. They are seen crying bitterly and one may find themselves helpless in such situations. But sometimes knowing the reason why they are crying can help us relieve their burden. Ways in which one can help out a baby who has been crying for long is


   Find out if the baby is wrapped in tight uncomfortable clothing. Tight clothing may cause a baby to be very uncomfortable, and cause them to cry. Check out if there is an object pricking or poking them causing pain. Babies cannot cry and so they express their discomfort in the form of cries.


   Babies often feel hungry and have to be fed at regular intervals. Hunger may also cause them to cry.


     Babies may also cry when they have soiled themselves and are very uncomfortable in their diapers. So, make sure that their diapers are always clean.


    Babies also cry when they have stomach pain and tummy trouble. This may often happen when the baby is not burped properly, improper burping leads to accumulation of air in the tummy and causes severe stomach pain.


   When the baby is overtired, he/she may be very restless and may cry often. Wrapping up the baby and patting them to sleep may help greatly.


   The baby also cries when he/she is unwell, has a fever, cold or coughs. In such cases help should be sought immediately.

Keep these points in mind and enjoy every moment spent with your baby..

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