Helping Your Child Deal With Your Divorce

Children are the hardest hit when parents go through a divorce. They may be very young and parents may assume that they do not understand things and may try their level best to shield them from things but children do understand that there is something happening between their parents.

When not dealt with children may tend to suffer from lot of negativity and may be likely to suffer from depression and other personality disorders. Therefore, it is very important that one help them get through this phase.

Some of the ways one can help them out is:

Communicate about what’s happening between you and your spouse. Explain to them that things tend to go wrong between two people and the best way they can help each other is by staying away.  Tell them conflicts do happen between two people and that it is important that they be dealt with.

Also explain to them that their love for them will not reduce in any way. Both you and your spouse will always love them and will continue to love them all their life.

Do not change their timetable. Let them go to their school, practices etc, their studies should not be affected.

Parents should give the children a chance to express what they feel. Some children may be very understanding, some may express anger, and some may refuse to talk to you. Be patient with them as they are facing a big shock.

Take them out and expand their social life. Do not restrict them from meeting your spouse whom you have divorced. Instead both of you make it a point to take them out and make them feel assured.

Explain to them that they will get to see the spouse you divorced at particular times. They may miss their mom or dad and it is at these times that parents should be very understanding towards them.

Keep these points in mind and be very patient and assuring towards your child.

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