Tips On Teaching Your Child To Value Relations

The best way to teach our child to value relations and people, is to value them first. When they know someone loves and values them in an unconditional way, they will also reflect the same attitude in their life and relations. The best teacher who can teach them values of life is none but their Parents themselves.

Here are some ways you can be a good example for your child.

1)    Listen, to them:

We all want to be listened and appreciated; children are no exception to this rule. In fact unlike adults children go out of their way to be heard. They do funny things in order to draw their parent’s attention and when they don’t get it they also sometimes do something very mischievous to catch their parents attention. So, make sure that when your child is trying to communicating to you, you are listening to them rather then considering their talks as mere babble

2)    Spend Quality Time With Them:

Children express their feelings in ways quite unknown to adults. A few months old baby when wanting attention, may cry out loudly so that the mother looks at it and carry’s him/her up. Make sure your child does not scream out for attention, instead gets it rightfully.  By getting what is rightfully due to them a child will turn out to be a confident and self-sufficient child and will not crave for attention.

3)    Look At Your Child When They Are Talking:

Like adults, children also like it when their parents look at them when they are talking. They like it when their parents smile at them when they do something funny and keep up lively expressions. Your child understands when you loose interest in their talk; they are far more capable of grasping body language than adults.

4)    Keep Your Manners:

Teach your child to be polite by being polite to them. Say your Thank You, Please, Sorry etc when required. A child will exactly replicate what he/she has seen. So be very careful in the way you present yourself.

Actions speak louder than words. Therefore, through your actions be the best example for your child.

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