Is Your Child Suffering From Sleep Apnea ?

Not just adults but even children are prone to suffer from Sleep Apnea – a sleep disorder wherein the upper air way is obstructed, and leads to serious health problems.

This sleep disorder further leads to serious conditions like heart trouble, high blood pressure, diabetes and severe learning and developmental problems.

Many parents are not even aware that their child is suffering from sleep apnea. If diagnosed early this condition can definitely be treated.

Here are some features that can help you assess if your child is suffering from sleep apnea or not.

1)    Snoring-loudly, like an adult.
2)    Getting choked or gasping when still in sleep.
3)    Twisting and turning around and being very restless.
4)    Irregular breathing, parents can clearly hear sounds and gasps when the child is sleeping.
5)    Bedwetting and Nightmares
6)    Sleeps with mouth open, breathing in with an open mouth.
7)    Irregular sleep patterns due to which child wakes up tired in the morning.
8)    In a state of confusion upon waking up early in the morning.
9)    May develop high blood pressure.
10)    Child may be overweight or underweight.
11)    Have severe headaches on waking up in the morning.
12)     Child gets irritated easily.
13)     Has great difficulty in concentrating.
14)     Has severe depression.
15)     Frequent upper respiratory infections.
16)     Hyperactive behavior
17)    Excessive sleepiness during the day.

If you notice any of these symptoms in your child, seek medical help immediately and do what is required.  An early diagnosis will help save a lot of trouble.

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