Abortion Hampers Mother-Child Bond

The after effects of abortion can be very traumatizing for a woman. According, to various studies conducted it has been found that post abortion a mother’s relationship with her children is greatly hampered.

A woman greatly suffers from anger and guilt towards herself and then greatly projects this anger towards her loved ones. She may be very angry at the thought of childbirth and unconsciously may come to resent pregnancy greatly.

She may project great anger towards her children and this may take on the form of abuse.  According to a study conducted it has been found out that the history of child abuse has increased by 500 % after the first 10 years of legalization of abortion.

It has also been found that 91% of abused children are from planned pregnancies. Also, research indicates that mothers who had abortions previously tend to be very abusive towards their future children.

This is due to the fact that mother’s experience great guilt and depression and this hinders their ability to bond with their children.

If a mother is already having children and gets pregnant and is forced to undergo an abortion, there is a high risk of the mother being neglectful towards her children. Her sense of guilt and resentment may cause her to be less attention towards her children.

Not only this abortion also causes a strain on marital relationships, which further affects the children causing them to suffer from lack of love and affection. Such children end up being very attention seeking or depressed individual as adults.

Parents therefore need to be very careful with regards to their decision on having a abortion as it scars their parenting style forever.

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