Parenting and Smoking

Parents need to be very careful about the way they portray themselves in front of their children. This is of extreme concern to those parents who are addicted to smoking.


Smoking is an addiction and children very easily pick up this habit. Children learn a lot through imitation and observation. When they observe their loved one repeating a particular behavior very often, children tend to perceive that behavior to be the right one and tend to repeat it.


Studies conducted have reported that children of people who smoke often end up smoking as adults. Therefore, it’s very important as to how parents portray themselves in front of their little ones.


Here are some tips on how you can avoid the habit of smoking have a negative impact on your child.


1)      Quit Smoking:

This is the best solution and is beneficial to both you and your child. It may be difficult but it is not impossible and is best for the future of your child. Get your self-enrolled in a detox center and try your best to get out of this addiction.

2)      Avoid Smoking In Front Of Your Child:

Irrespective of what make sure that you do not smoke in front of your child. If the urge is irresistible, then make an effort to go somewhere far and smoke. Not only has the smoke have a dangerous impact on your child’s health. It also conveys the message that resorting to smoking is the best way to deal with a situation when you are worked up. Your child will come to understand that depending on smoking is the best way to deal with hard times in life. This will cause the child to have a stunted personality growth.



Being an example is the best way to teach a child to develop into a beautiful human being. Every parent would want his or her child to develop into a fully functional human being. Keep these points in mind and help your child develop into a well-balanced individual.

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