Help Your Teen Deal With Smoking

Teenagers may be compelled to smoke due to various reasons-Peer Pressure, Craving, and Acceptance etc. A child on reaching adolescence is striving hard to realize his/her self-identity. And in order to do so they look up to the people i.e. their friends, family etc.

When they notice a particular behavior being repeated continuously and gaining acceptance, they tend to imitate it and repeat it. As mentioned above here are some points that can prove to be very useful to parents whose teens are smoking and also to those parents who want to prevent their teens from smoking.

Be An Example:

According to researches, children of smokers are most likely to take up smoking as adults. This is because children look up to their parents and when they see their parents repeating a behavior often, they are most likely to repeat it as adults. Therefore, parents should practice what they preach.

Keep A Check On Their Friends:

Parents should keep a check on the kind of friends circle their child is having. A teen is most likely to get influenced by what his friends do or say. If your child’s friends smoke there are chances that your kids also resort to smoking. You can keep a check by being very non-intruding. Invite your child’s friends home for lunch or dinner, take them all for a picnic, have a good rapport with them etc. These are some ways you can have a check on the kids and also have a good time.

Communicate With Them:

Often have discussions at home about the dangers of smoking. Explain to your kid about how smoking can ruin their life. Tell them that life is beautiful and it shouldn’t be wasted on addictions like smoking. If possible take them out to meet victims of smoking, this will help them realize the dangers of smoking.

Love Them Unconditionally:

When your child gets the required love and support from home, he/she will not try to seek love and acceptance from others. Build a relationship of trust with your child, and he/she will never do anything morally incorrect.

Keep these points in mind and help direct your child on the right path always.

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