Taking Cre Of A Baby When Sick

When Sick, it becomes very tough for the mother to nurse a newborn baby alone. Her own helplessness and the added responsibility of a baby may make matters worse.

However, if the responsibility is shared then one can pass through this phase without much discomfort.

Here are some tips on what one can do.

1)    Avoid Breast Feeding:

When you are sick avoid breast-feeding, as there are chances of the sickness being transmitted from the mother’s body to the child. What one can do is, consult a doctor and seek alternative and safe forms of feeding the baby.

2)    Ask For Help:

When you are not able to deal with your baby alone, ask for help. Ask your husband to spend time with the baby while you recuperate. Also, help of family members should be sought and requested. If this is not possible, a nanny’s help should be taken. Be assertive and explain to your spouse why it is important for you to take rest.

3)    Take Care Of Your Health:

As a mother, women often tend to forget themselves and get busy taking care of others till they are completely worn out. It is therefore important that before a break down a mother take some time for herself, get her medical check ups done regularly, take her medicines and do her exercises. Only if she takes care of herself will she be able to take care of others.

4)    Do Not Feel Guilty:

Most often a woman is overcome with guilt pangs when she asks for help. Remember its okay to ask for help. Do not be embarrassed to do so, or you will work yourself up greatly and will be in no position to care for your baby.

Keep these points in mind and have a restful phase of recuperating.

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