How To Calm A Crying Baby

A crying baby continuously can be a puzzle as well as frustrating for parents. Most of all it makes the parents feel helpless about the whole situation. Babies sometimes do not stop crying irrespective of what you do. One is confused as to mistake the crying for pain or hunger or some discomfort.

Though the condition may not be known one can soothe or calm a baby using the following techniques.


Wrap The Baby in a warm rug, as the warmth may soothe and calm the baby down.


Place the baby over your shoulders and gently tap them.


Babies like rhythmic movements, so carrying them and walking or strapping them in their car seat and taking them for a ride also helps.


Also, placing the baby close against your body helps. Babies like it when they receive the body warmth of their caregivers. It has a soothing effect on them.


Singing softly and massaging the babies back also has a calming effect on babies.


If the crying is still out of control, parents are advised to seek a doctor’s help as to find out if there is a serious problem with the child. Immediate attention is necessary if the baby is vomiting continuously or is running high fever or other signs of sickness.


If not an expert babysitter who is experienced with babies can help you take care of the baby. This will help you have a break and also deal with your baby with less frustration.

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