Tips On Motivating Your Child To Study

Children, especially the younger ones hate to study. Getting them to study can be a very tough job for many parents and is a common complaint in many households.

Here, are some tips on how one can motivate their child.

Do Not Compare Your Child

: Often parents compare their child with other children who study well. Try and avoid this. Instead learn to view your child as a distinct human being with his/her talents and motives.

Motivate Your Child:

Motivate your child to do his/her best. Give them a reason to work hard. Tell them stories of people who have worked very hard and have achieved great results in their life.


You need to be patient with your child and continuously reinforce the importance of working hard. Tell, them how important a good education is in life. Tell them that they are studying for themselves and not for anybody else.

Use Affirmations:

Instead of constantly shouting and criticizing the child use affirmative sentences stating that the child has the capacity to great things in life.

Look Out For Other Areas Of Interest:

Also, your child may tend to show less interest in studies due to his/her interest in other areas like arts and sports. Suppressing their talents and forcing them to study will not help. Instead permit them to explore and satisfy their creative instincts. At the same time emphasize on the importance of studies and see to it that they don’t completely miss out on their studies.

Be An Example:

Set an example for your child by being an effective role model first. When the child sees Mummy and Daddy work hard, they also will be motivated to work hard.

Keep these points in mind and play an important role in shaping your child’s future.

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