Tips On Putting Your Child To Bed Early

It is very important that kids be put to bed early, a good night’s sleep will help prevent illness in them and keep them alert throughout the day.

Also, it would make them less cranky and more receptive to what you say. Putting your kids early to bed will instill discipline in them.

However, many parents find it very difficult to put their kids to bed on time. Reason being their late night ventures.

However, here are some tips that can prove to be very useful in putting your kid to bed early.

1)    Make sure you make a schedule for them and are very clear about the time they need to go to bed.
2)    Do not compromise on the time they need to get bed.
3)    Do not let them watch television half hour before they go to bed.
4)    Create an atmosphere that enables them to sleep. Let there be less noise, switch off the lights in their room etc.
5)    Let your child learn to fall asleep on their own rather then depending on you to put them to sleep.
6)    Make sure you do not give them drinks like coffee etc that will keep them awake.
7)    Stick to this routine; do not change it as per your convenience.
8)    Appreciate the child’s efforts every time they make an effort to sleep.

Keep these points in mind, they will surely prove to be very useful. A child who sleeps early is a healthy and happy child.

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