Parenting A Sick Child

Dealing with a sick child can be a very delicate issue for many parents. Some of the problems parents would face are

1)    Child refusing to take in medicines.
2)    Child refusing to eat
3)    Child becoming very cranky

All these factors can cause great strain on the parents. One needs to be very careful when dealing with sick children. Here are some tips that will help you take care of them.

1)    Keep the place where they lying clean especially the bed sheets and pillow cover to avoid further transmission of germs.
2)    Keep them hydrated, give them plenty of juice and water
3)    The child may get bored staying at home so get their favorite movie videos or spend time reading out to them.
4)    Reward them every time they take in the medicine they hate the most.
5)    Keep them clean.
6)    Spend time with them reassuring them that they will be well soon..
7)    If they are not taking in full meals, you encourage them to take small light meals.
8)    The child may be annoyed and angry with you for keeping them at home for long, so make sure you make their time at home worth spending.
9)    Children tend to get bored easily, so make sure they have fun activities with required rest at home.

Treating the child with love and patience is the most essential aspect.

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