Parenting A Teen Who Is Addicted To His Cellphone

With the boom in cell phone usage, addiction to this technology is become a major concern amongst many. The hardest hit addiction is seen amongst teens, as parents, one would have gifted one’s teen a cell phone with the hope that the teen will use it for their safety measure.

However, this concern becomes a cause of many other concerns, with the teen getting addicted to cell phones.

Here are some tips that will help you identify if your teen is addicted to cell phone or not.

1)    Your teen is seen talking over the cell phone for long hours.
2)    Hardly spends time with any other family member except his/her cell phone.
3)    Carries the cell phone everywhere, including the washroom.
4)    Displays great irritation and frustration on not finding the phone.
5)    Mounting cell phone bills that is a great cause for concern.
6)    Going to any extent to use a cell phone i.e. driving and using cell phone.

If you find most of these symptoms in your child, here are some ways that will help you deal with your teen’s addiction.

Firstly, communicate to your child that cell phones were created to help increase a man’s control over things around him. However, if one would not know how to keep things in place, the technology would soon control his/her life.

Help the child deal with his addiction by learning to spend some time to himself everyday, may be 15 minutes or 20 minutes and then slowly proceed to an hour everyday.

Teach your teen to maintain relationships in person rather than through cell phones. This way the teen will get to know what it takes to build a relationship in reality rather than over the phones.

Also, as parents it would be good if you were strict about certain timings being cell phone free i.e. during dinnertime or during family discussions.

Keep these points in mind and if still these tips are not helping, take the help of a de-addiction center where a group of experts will help you deal with your child.

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