Parents Watch Your Behavior

Parents need to be very careful about the way they portray themselves in front of their kids. Children are fast learners and grasp what is presented to them.

If you as a parent want your child to grow up as a person with values, beliefs and a strong sense of worth, you have to be a witness first to all these qualities.

Dressing: The child observes how the parents dress and portray themselves that is why children are seen wearing their parents dress, walking around the house etc. So, the way you dress has a major impact on your kids. Ask yourselves can your dressing be an example to your children?

Talking: Children observe the way you talk to people, the tone, the body language the expression etc and take it in and portray the same behavior when in a group. So if you as a parent, discriminate amongst people there are chances of your child growing as a prejudiced individual.

Sharing: A child notices how parents share things amongst themselves and the people around them and based on that learn to develop the habit of sharing. If as a parent you are very stingy but ask your child to share, your child will definitely not learn to share because he/she receives contradictory messages from you.

Confidence: Your child will learn to be a confident child, only when she/he sees you confident enough to face the world. If the child always sees the parent anxious or worried about things there are greater chances of the child developing into an anxious human being.

Loving: If the parents are very loving to each other and people around them, the child will also develop a loving attitude towards people around themselves.

Parents play a very important role in molding the personality of the child. If parents don’t stand as a good example, the children also fail to develop in to a well-integrated human being. Therefore, parents watch your behavior at all times.

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