Is Your Child Speaking Slang ?

Have you noticed your child using lot of slang when talking to his friends or when talking to you or any other family member?

As a parent, the language usage of your child can be very disturbing. This sudden language change of your child can be very disturbing especially in social situations, when your child uses words, which causes you to burn in shame.

Here are some tips on how you can deal in such a situation.

1)    Talk To Your Child:

Find Out where your child has picked up this language. Explain to him/her that the usage of this language is not right. Let them know that this is an undesired behavior.

2)    Check on their friend’s circle:

Invite your child’s friend’s home and watch out on how they speak. Keep a check on how they speak, this way you will know as to where your child has picked up this language. Very gently you could explain to the other children also that this kind of language usage is not right.

3)    Correct the Child Immediately:

If your child does not seem to get over their language usage, make it a point to check your child immediately. This way the child will think twice before talking.

4)    Reward Your Child:

Every time your child listens to you reward him/her with candy. This way your child will be careful also.

5)    Be an Example:

Watch the way you talk. As A parent are you using slang in your daily language? If yes, then put a halt to it.

Keep these points in mind and bring up your child in the right way.

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