Dealing With Your Child When Stressed Out

You are very tired and have had a very bad day at office. Your boss has been hovering over your head forcing you to do things that you don’t want to do and the pressure at work never seems to end. Just when you return back home to find some peace of mind, you find your children fighting or forcing you to take them out. You loose your temper, blow up and shout at them. Then you later calm down and wonder why you ever screamed at them.

In order to avoid future such instances of regrets, here are some tips that will prove to be very useful to you.


    Your child waits the entire day to see and share his/her day with you, and when he/she receives scolding the first thing they come near you, then they will be heartbroken. Children are innocent beings and they are very expressive that is why they come running over to you, when they see you come from work. Therefore be very careful about what you speak to them. If very tired and stressed out explain to your child that you are very stressed and need some time to your self and will get back to the child immediately after that.


    The child may not understand what you say unless you specify that you need a 15-minute or 20 minute break, since you are very tired.


 When properly rested spend an entire half hour playing/talking with your child. Do not let any other things come in between your time spent with your child.


   Make out for all the time lost by taking out the child out on weekends when you have time on your hands.


 Apologize to your child if you have shouted at them or said something wrong and explain to the child as to what made you do that.

Keep these points in mind and nurture those tender minds in the right way.

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