Artificial Ingredients Make Kids Hyperactive

Kids have a tendency to be hyperactive right after they consume soft drinks, fruit juice etc. While many blame the sugar present in them, researchers have found out that artificial ingredients and the food preservative, sodium benzoate, present in such foods can trigger hyperactive behavior in kids. This study was done by researchers from the England’s University of Southampton

The Study by the University of Southampton:

This study was done to assess the effect of food dyes and additives on kids. The researchers involved 300 kids and divided them into two groups. One group included kids of 3 years of age, the other group included kids who were between 8 to 9 years old. These kids were made to drink 3 kinds of drink, over 3 week periods.

The first  drink contained artificial ingredients and dyes present normally in a British child’s diet. The second drink contained low amount of additives, and the third contained no additives at all. The kids consumed each drink for a one week period. Parents and teachers were made to evaluate the kids’ behavior during this time. The researchers assessed that when kids had foods with more artificial ingredients, they were hyperactive and restless

This is the first study which found a strong link between food additives and hyperactive behavior among kids. Responding to this research, the Britian’s Food Standard Agency advised the parents to limit the foods containing additives for their kids. Hence, if you find your kids restless, fidgeting and lacking concentration, limit the foods containing artificial ingredients.

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