Parents Watch Out Your Behaviour

Parents, be very careful when you fight with each other. There may be several times when your child is watching the way you are speaking to each other. And the way you behave towards each other determines to a great extent the way your child will view you.

Arguments will definitely happen between a couple, one cannot avoid it. But here are some tips on what one should keep in mind.


    Do not involve your child in the fights: Making the child a scapegoat and using them as a means to put your spouse down will cause your child to not respect both of you.


   Encouraging the Child in the wrong way: Do not encourage the child when he/she is doing something disrespectful towards your spouse. Instead correct him/her immediately and insist that they respect your spouse because he/she is their parent..


    Do not interfere when your spouse is correcting the child. Most of the times an angry spouse tries to put the other down by contradicting what he/she says.


   Do not speak ill about your spouse to your child. Your child will be very confused and may not know what is happening between his/her parents.


 Do not force your child to choose between the two of you.

It is very important that the child sees you as one united team. The child should know that even if there are problems between the two of you, you get back to each other. If the child sees the parents fighting and staying separate and away from each other then the child will suffer from a lot of insecurity and peace.

Therefore watch out how you behave towards each other.

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